Hello world!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my new blog! My name is Judith Craig Morency and I am ADOPTED! This of course is not all that defines me I’m also Haitian-Canadian, currently residing in London, England, 30-something, a Social Worker, a wife and a mother. This is my first blog and although I’m new to blogging I’ve always loved writing since I was a child and kept diaries and journals from the age of 8! Throughout high school and University I wrote in my journals periodically but in 2005 it picked up again as I moved from Canada to England. My sisters gave me a journal to chart my experiences and it became very therapeutic.

So why a blog? Well the main use will be so that I can share my experience of adoption with a wider audience in the hopes that it will assist others as they journey through the world of adoption.

My adoption journey began 31 years ago when I was found in a ditch in the ground on a road in Cap Haitien, Haiti with no identification. I was taken to the local hospital where I was cared for until I transferred to an orphanage in Port-au-Prince where I lived for 3 months before being adopted to Canada by a white family!

I’ll be sharing my experiences of growing up Black in a White family and what it was like to return to my homeland 27 years later. I documented my journey please go to www.facebook.com/adoptedid to check out the trailer and find out where it’s screening.

My goal is to blog on a weekly basis. I look forward to entering into this form of communication and I welcome your comments and feedback.

Judith Craig Morency


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