When Care Goes Wrong

I attended Lemn Sissay’s live recording of his newest show this evening and it was a great experience sharing it with some of my fellow adoptees. Lemn is a very engaging speaker and poet and hearing him share about his negative experience of being long term fostered was heartbreaking.

It’s a reminder for me on how wrong some care and adoption cases do go. I’ve spoken with friends over the years about their experiences in the care system and seen it first hand as my work as a Social Worker in Care system.

The system is a challenge itself and while there have been many changes made to it in the past decade not all of them have been positive and not enough preventative and restorative work is being done. It’s encouraging to hear that some boroughs are embracing this type of work in truly assisting families to remain together where possible, however, there is so much more work to be done.

There is also the reasons people choose to foster or adopt. Unfortunately some prospective carers/parents have their own underlying issues that they haven’t worked through and a child is placed with a family and then these challenges will come to light and further damage is done to children.

While the assessment process is being streamlined to quicken the pace of adoptions caution must be taken to ensure the quality is not compromised and prospective parents are able to process their issues before they take on a child who will come with trauma and need additional support.

I sincerely hope cases likes Lemn Sissay’s will be eliminated! Children in care require our BEST as they have already experienced trauma in their young lives.

Let’s ensure we are providing a GOLD standard of care!


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