Adult Adoptee Network

The Adult Adoptee Network is a private group for Adult Adoptees ONLY, who want to network, learn, grow and become empowered. It’s a safe space to share your journey and experiences of adoption. Although all of our journeys are unique we are all connected through adoption.

The Adult Adoptee Network is facilitated by Judith Craig Morency who saw a need for a group for adult adoptees within Ontario and developed AAN (Adult Adoptee Network). Judith is a Registered Social Worker and transracial, transnational, foundling Adoptee from Haiti, adopted into a white Canadian family. She always had a burning desire to know more about her roots and wanted to find her birth family. She returned to Haiti in 2007 and embarked on an incredible life-changing journey, which was documented in the film Adopted ID. She has just found her paternal birth family and is loving developing these new relationships.

AAN will have meet-ups throughout the year which everyone is encouraged as meeting in person is a great way to connect and develop relationships. Meet-ups are currently based in Ontario.

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