Interview with fellow Haitian-Canadian Adoptee

What a unique experience to be interviewed by fellow Haitian-Canadian adoptee, Mariette Williams (@mariettewrites) for The Lost Daughter's site. It's so exciting to meet my fellow adoptees but even more so when we share so many similarities thank you Mariette! Please read the article here..Adopted ID: A Haitian Adoptee Searches for Answers

Adopted ID Reviewed by T Mak World

John Dash of T Mak World has reviewed the film following the Caribbean Tales Film Festival screening. You can read his review here:   ← Solemate by Jabra Bluetooth Speaker ReviewLou Gramm- The Voice of Foreigner at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE 2013) → Adopted ID – Film Review from CaribbeanTales 2013

Adopted ID: My Journey Home…A Preview

 Adopted ID: My Journey HomeBy: Judith Craig Morency Chapter One: The Return H   opeful heartbreakA   bandoned, amazingI     nvigorating, inspiringT    errifying, tantilizingI     ntriguing, indefinite  As the plane touched down on the tarmac I began to feel giddy with excitement, they opened the door and the humid Haitian air overwhelmed me.  As I walked out of the airplane and took … Continue reading Adopted ID: My Journey Home…A Preview